summer soup curry with brown rice
summer soup curry with brown rice
INGREDIENTS              for 4

You can use leftover vegetables.
Today,I used these ones in my fridge.

orange paprika      a half
red paprika              a half
pumpkin                   1/4
egg plant                   2
carrot                         1/2
onion                           1/4
lotus root                    1/4
okura                           4
zucchini                      1/2
meat you like           200g
curry powder          a half cup
tarmeric              3 table spoon
chilli powder      1table spoon
cumin                   1 pinch
grated garlic       1 table spoon
soy sauce           4〜5 table spoon
Worcestershire sauce(ウスターソース)
                              3 table spoon
ketcup                3 table spoon

1. Chop(乱切り) paprika,egg plant and 
2. Slice oninon and lotus and pumpkin.
3. Fry pork with grated garlic,a pinch of      salt,blackpepper and hihatsu.
4. Fry 1 and 2.
5. Boil 1,2,3.
6. Add curry powder,cumin,tarmelic,chilli  
7. Add soy sauce,Worcestershire sauce and ketchap.