Nasu no shigiyaki

As it is a good season to eat eggplant,I'd like to introduce a recipe that I posted before on my recipe site.

I'll be glad if you find other recipes you like on there.


eggplants (3or4)
sugar(1 spoon)
miso(soybean paste)(2 spoons)

1. fry eggplants with a little oil
2. add miso, sugar
3. turn down the heat
4. mix them

Ingredients for 2

chicken thigh with bone in     6
egg  2
vinegar  180ml
soy sauce  50ml
water  100ml
sugar  3tbps

1.Boil eggs for several minutes.
2.Simmer all the ingredients for 30-40 minutes on law heat.
3.Boil them on high heat for 2-3 minutes until the sauce becomes sticky and glazes the chicken and eggs.