It's getting cooler,and a good season is coming to cook and eat Takikomigohan.

Ingredients for 4

rice 2 gou
carrot 1/4
burdock 1/2
shiitake 3
shimeji 1 bag
chiken thigh or breast 200g
1 tbsp shoyu
3 tbsp mentsuyu(noodle soup)

1.Cut carrot and burdock into thin strips.

2.Slice shiitake thinly and cut shimeji into pieces that are easy to eat.

3.Boil 1,2 with 2tbsp mentsuyu and
a half cup of water.

4.Boil rice with water and 3, 1tbsp shoyu,1 tbsp mentsuyu.

*I usually fry chicken with a pinch of grated garlic before boiling it with other ingredients.